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Our Associate Consultant Program is designed to help students, recent graduates, and young consultants hone their skills, focus their learning objectives, and contribute meaningfully to a seasoned team of professionals.

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The Secret to Standing Out

The Consulting industry is saturated, growing at a slow pace, and easy to become lost in the competitive landscape. The secret to standing out in this industry is spotting an opportunity, identifying the major players, validating the value proposition, and the preparation necessary to take advantage.

Industry / Market Analyses

Industry and Market Analyses are part of the core skills for several of our most seasoned professional consultants. Gain the experience you may be lacking to conduct proper, timely, effective, and insightful analyses to better understand the impact(s) of the opportunities you’ve spotted.

Opportunity Spotting

Our resident experts in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and research can help you to understand how to spot meaningful opportunities, as opposed to ‘good ideas’, which are not the same;

Opportunities need to be validated on multiple levels!


The validation of an opportunity is a complex analytical process that requires research skills, critical thinking skills, an analytical mind, and journalism skills.

Opportunities to improve your unique value proposition as a consultant must be demand driven; hence the need for proper validation.


Knowing what needs to be done, and knowing what to do about it are two different things. We can help you to take the first, last, and every step in between your journey towards becoming a highly sought-after professional consultant.

The Benefits of Becoming an Associate

Gain Experience | Build Your Resume | Meet New People | Up-Skill

Become a Subject Matter Expert

Consultants are typically Subject Matter Experts (SME). Many young professionals and recent graduates haven’t had the time to become an expert.

We can help you discover your preferred areas of expertise, then create a plan for you to become a SME.

get a clearer picture of consulting

Consulting can be opaque, and the specific steps involved with the consulting process can vary from firm to firm, industry to industry.

Our team of eclectic experts have international experience consulting in various industries and markets, and can help you get a clearer picture of consulting overall.

develop & refine skills

Your skills are an integral part of the value proposition you offer clients.

Continuously improving your skills, adding new skills, and practice are what make a good consultant, a great one.

We can help make you more valuable and competitive. We help you to be better, do better, and be recognized for it.

new networking opportunities

Our growing team of professional consultants have tens of thousands of meaningful direct and indirect connections in a variety of industries.

Our members often work with professional organizations such as the Certified Management Consultants of Canada, including the GTA and Ontario Chapters.

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