Management Consulting

From industry and market research, to opportunity spotting and strategy development, to operations and marketing plans, to execution and management, our team of professional consultants has over 400 years of combined experience to assist your business.

Black Swan Consulting

A Black Swan is an unexpected event that has wide ranging unpredictable consequences on many industries, and is often the cause of major volatility, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. We can help your business increase resilience, improve adaptability, and minimize risk.

Education Technology

We invest in, and consult for Ed-tech companies across Canada. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in higher education. Whether you are in the seed stage, pre-revenue stage, or seeking additional funding to scale, we can help.

Investment Support

We have over 300 years of combined experience in building and improving businesses. We understand business and profit potential. From due diligence to funding preparation, let us help you find the right investments, or improve your odds of being funded!

Our Mission

To add meaningful value to our clients, improve their position, and give them a competitive advantage using valid, robust, and timely strategies.

Take a Minute to Help Pinpoint Your Needs

A few things we are great at

Opportunity Spotting

Do you have a Clear Understanding of the Opportunities in your industry and markets?

Business Planning

Do you have a Marketing Plan, Operations Plan and Financial Plan that are based on SMART goals?

Strategy Development

Have you developed a Value Proposition that is sound, cogent, and unbiased? Have you Validated your value proposition?

Value Creation

Maximizing Value is why you hire great managers. Creating Value is what entrepreneurs and consultants are brought onboard to do. Create new value, and gain a competitive advantage.

Executive Coaching

Are you a Subject Matter Expert in you industry? Are you aware of the trends and factors affecting change in your industry and market?


We use the most robust diagnostics and planning tools including the business planning methodology and surveys to determine what is taking place, what needs changing, and how to make it happen.

How can we help you find the right path?

Why choose The Big Leaf?

How do we stand out from the rest?

We are professional, experienced experts that use advanced diagnostics and analysis tools to help you and your organization reach new goals, achieve more, and create more value.


Our team members follow one of the most stringent codes of conduct and ethics in the consulting world. Click Here to find out more about our Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Our team members are experts in their field with designations such as CMC and FCMC, CHRL,  MEd, CFP and CPA, CA and FCA, PhD, and MScM. When you hire our team, you are hiring seasoned experts.


Our team has over 400 years of combined experience in a variety of industries, markets, and countries. Our team members have worked in many organizations at different capacities from ground level to the executive office.

We can help you better understand your industry, your market, and your organization’s place within.


From the Business Planning Methodology, to Opportunity Spotting, Black Swan Consulting, Market Analysis, Industry Analysis, Market Research, Diagnostics, Stakeholder Analysis, to custom-made tools, our team has the breadth, the tools, and the expertise you and your organization need.

Our core strength is in our analytical expertise and experience.

Meet the Team

Rahi S. Tajzadeh

CMC, MScM, BComm

Planning, Research, Strategy

Dr. Agostino Menna


Investment, Research, Strategy

Neil Cosby


HR, Business Development

Ayoob Faraji


Full Stack Web Development

Robert Coffey


Mergers/Acquisitions, Strategy, Financing

Alex Laraia

Senior I.T. Leader, I.T. Infrastructure, Business Transformation

Jiri Fiala


Data Security, PIPEDA, GDPR, Strategy

Bahareh Attari


Full Stack Web Development

Marilyn Tian


Marketing, Business Development

Michael McEvenue

Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Communications

Ronald McMeeken

CFP / CPA (fmr)

Finance, Accounting, Planning, Strategy

Aron Pervin


Family Business, Succession Planning

Lou Vescio


Education, Business and Community Development, Government Relations

Jane Luczkiw


Education, Program Developer, Facilitator, Enterprise Education


A small sample of the many great organizations our team has worked with. Our team’s combined experience and expertise spans many industries, customers, and decades.

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh: 2010 – 2012
IT Consultant, IT Service Desk Level 2 Auditor

Shoppers Drug Mart Head Office

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh: 2015 – 2018
Researcher, Editor, Copywriter, Graduate Assistant

Dr. Agostino Menna: 2016 – 2017

Assistant Professor

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh: 2018 – Present
Certified Management Consultant > CEO and Board Director

Mr. Robert Coffey: 1966 – 1994
Vice Chair

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh: 2019 – Present
Certified Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Copywriter, Editor

Mr. Neil Cosby: 2011 – 2012
Senior Human Resources Officer

Dr. Agostino Menna: 2001
Adjunct Professor

Mr. Neil Cosby: 2017 – Present
Director of Business Development

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh and Dr. Agostino Menna: 2017 – 2019
Start-Up Advisors, Executive Coaches, Strategy Consultants

Our Incredible Team is Here to Help

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh

Mr. Tajzadeh is a Certified Management Consultant, Master of Science in Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in strategy, research, and entrepreneurship.

He has over 15 years of business management, consulting, and start-up experience in a wide range of industries. As a leader, consultant and researcher, he is active at every level of strategy crafting from data analysis, to opportunity spotting and execution. He specializes in innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, value proposition development, analysis, and strategy.

Dr. Agostino Menna

Dr. Agostino Menna PhD received his doctorate in Economics from the University of Toronto. He is a seasoned professor of entrepreneurship, business management, and economics with over 15 years of experience.

Dr. Menna can help you identify opportunities, threats, create value, and prepare for the unexpected. Dr. Menna is our lead in education technology investments.

Mr. Neil Cosby

Neil is more than a Certified Human Resources Leader and MBA, he is an experienced  business development manager, entrepreneur and professor.

Neil is passionate about HR, and has more than two decades of experience helping small to medium businesses develop their team and their customer base

Mr. Ayoob Faraji

Ayoob is an expert full stack web developer. His experience is vast, his work is very high quality, and his skill set is very deep.

Ayoob can develop a site from scratch, and integrate E-Commerce solutions to existing sites. He is adept at PHP, SQL/MYSQL, Java, HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, WordPress, REST, and more!

Mr. Robert Coffey

Bob Coffey is a Management Consultant, Advisor and Coach.

He is the retired vice chair and head coach of KPMG. He is also a past Vice President of Geneva Merger & Acquisition Services of Canada (Ont.) Inc. He was also a key advisor to an Ontario Health Care provider on budgeting, finance and service delivery He’s known professionally as “THE COACH”.

Mr. Coffey became a Chartered Accountant in 1959, becoming a senior business advisor and management consultant to industry and government. He has participated in a number of Royal Commissions and has lectured at McGill University and the University of Toronto on costing and budgeting. He has held numerous executive and management positions including Managing Partner for Canada of the Management Consulting Services for Ernst & Whinney, Executive Partner, Thorne, Ernst and Whinney and Vice Chairman of KPMG. Mr. Coffey remains active in the field of mergers and acquisitions, corporate growth and finance, corporate turnarounds, and is a co-author of Purchase and Sale of a Business.

Mr. Alex Laraia

Alex is an IT leadership professional with over 2 decades of senior management experience leading and building high performing IT teams. Under his leadership, Alex and his team have delivered innovative, customer-focused, transformational IT solutions in national, international and global organizations.

Alex thrives in solving IT business problems, is a hands-on leader, passionate about delivering sustainable results through process improvement, coaching IT teams and by developing future leaders.

Over his 25-year career, Alex has specialized in: IT Infrastructure, Systems Architecture and Integration, Cyber-Security, Data Protection, Policy Development and Governance, Networks, Telecom, Unified Comms and Collaboration Systems, Mobile Device Management; Contact Centre Technologies, On-Prem and Cloud Migrations. Alex developed and honed his business skills by working through many corporate M&A’s while being mentored by industry-changing Canadian CEO’s.

Mr. Jiri Fiala

Jiri is a Data Security expert who can help your company with PIPEDA and GDPR compliance.

Jiri also offers custom hardware, software, and block-chain based solutions for your data security and integrity.

Ms. Bahareh Attari

Bahareh is a seasoned web developer with a passion for entrepreneurship and value creation. She is an expert in MySQL, PHP, Java, HTML5, etc.

Bahareh will help you to better understand your online potential, develop E-Commerce Solutions, and improve your online presence.

Mr. Aron Pervin

Aron brings more than five decades of experience consulting businesses large and small, family businesses, as well as consultants.

Aron is a family business and succession planning development expert.

Mr. Michael McEvenue

Michael’s expertise in data visualization, data analysis and business intelligence helps you to better understand your data, customers, opportunities and risks.

Michael can assist your company in critical decision making, foster change, drive new initiatives, and improve business performance.

Mr. Ronald McMeeken

Mr. McMeeken is a former CPA/CFP with more than 60 years of experience in accounting, finance, and small business  management.

He has lead start-up and small businesses, and is a regular contributor to the boards of several businesses in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Ms. Marilyn Tian

Marilyn is a multi-media marketing expert with a robust international network. She is the President and CEO of Business Link Media Group, which is an industry leader in the publishing of B2B direct mail newspapers, magazines, specialty publications and event programs, as well as marketing through social media and online platforms. Marilyn also orchestrates the prestigious 40 Under Forty Business Achievements Awards in Niagara and Hamilton Ontario.

Her other publications include Health, Wellness, and Safety; Business Link Hamilton; Made in Niagara; and more.

Marilyn brings with her decades of experience, her award-winning team at Business Link Media Group, and her ever-growing network of quality businesses and high net-worth individuals.

Mr. Lou Vescio

Lou has spent the past 36 years developing and motivating academic, business and community leaders; enhancing their professional and personal skills. Best known for his Coach-Approach to leadership and training, Lou has helped countless leaders and administrators to be more effective and productive in their business roles while realizing their highest potential.

As Co-Founder of Discitus Consulting, Lou works with CEO’s, executives and team members at all levels. His passion, enthusiasm, and contagious optimism helps improve organizational health. Lou’s Clients love his flexible approach to tackling difficult issues through clarity and accountability.

Lou helps his Clients function more effectively by implementing the principles of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – trust, debate, commitment and clarity, and accountability to ultimately focus on collective results.

As a pioneer of executive Coaching in education in Canada, Lou models the Coach-Approach inspiring leaders to be more mindful and effective.

Ms. Jane Luczkiw

Jane is an accomplished business educator at the secondary, community college and university levels. She is an experienced program developer and facilitator in enterprise education and self development initiatives for both Youth and Adults.

Jane has developed and delivered creativity and self-development workshops for the Institute for Enterprise Education, Brock University, McMaster University, Lottery College, and International Alliance for Learning.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The project has been moving along quickly and the survey has been an effective tool for addressing the target market. The Big Leaf’s marketing knowledge and expertise have helped the partner understand their business. They’re responsive, flexible, and answer questions in a quick turnaround.

Sara Torki

OTE Studios

The Big Leaf provided valuable research and insights into the North American marketplace, identifying markets like universities and helping with how to refocus overlaps between Canadian and EU laws. They’re incredibly affordable and transparent, providing clear and accessible work.

J. F.

Privid (formerly Biolock Inc.)

From the start, The Big Leaf built their client from the ground up. Their accommodating approach complemented their efficient, attentive workflow. The team’s organized project management style was also noteworthy. 

Chris Stigas



The Big Leaf stands out from the competition.

As of September 1st, 2020, The Big Leaf is ranked as one of:

The Top Corporate Training Companies in Canada

The Top Consulting Firms in Canada

The Top Market Research Companies in Canada

Rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Clutch.Co

We are humbled and honoured to be recognized by our clients, and thank them and our team for making The Big Leaf a high-value service provider.