Why Choose Us?

We use advanced diagnostics and analysis tools to better understand your industry, market, and opportunities therein.

We can help you develop and improve your value proposition and competitive advantage through innovation, intrapreneurship, and value creation.


Our consulting process sets us apart from the competition in many ways, but the key differentiator is our commitment to your organization. We spend the time to listen to you, to your team, and if necessary your customers and important stakeholders. We want to fully understand your situation, including the Industry, the Market, your Value Proposition, your Differentiation Factors, and your interpretation of why consulting is right for you.

Clients’ Needs are Our Top Priority

We are a diverse team of professional subject matter experts. Every member is a professional in their field, and some are pioneers. Each member follows one of the most stringent codes of conduct and ethics in the consulting world.

We are a Cut Above

With experience in Canada and across the globe, from the ground floor to the executive office, board of directors and academia, our inter-professional team has the knowledge and the wisdom to help you spot opportunities, create SMART plans, execute, and gain a competitive advantage.

We Create Value

If your business is led by one or more Women, Entrepreneurs, or New Immigrants, we offer a discount on all our services. Start-ups also receive a special rate, making our services more competitive, more accessible, and more valuable.

We Are Inclusive and Equitable