Management Consulting

Strategy & Analysis: from external and internal analyses, to business planning, diagnostics, and opportunity spotting.

Professional Services: from change management, to executive coaching, accounting and financial services, data analysis, full stack web development services, education consulting and employee health and wellness.

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Investment Support

Due Diligence: from external and internal analyses, to business plan analysis, screening, and investment analysis.

Investment Preparation: from valuation to proposal development and validation.

Mergers & Acquisitions: from external and internal analyses to negotiation and mediation, to arbitration.

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Education Technology

We invest in, and consult for Ed-tech companies across Canada. Our team has more than 175 years of combined experience in education. Whether you are in the seed stage or pre-revenue , or seeking additional funding to scale, we can help you take your company to the next level.

We also operate our own education technology company,, the world’s first and only Academic Feedback platform!

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar

Our Mission

To add meaningful value to our clients, improve their position, and give them a competitive advantage using valid, robust, and timely strategies.

The path is lit with knowledge, and the road carved by insight.

Why Choose The Big Leaf?

We are a diverse team of inter-professional subject matter experts.

We use advanced diagnostics and analysis tools to better understand your industry, market, and opportunities therein.

We can help you develop and improve your value proposition and competitive advantage through innovation, intrapreneurship, and value creation.

DIVERSE Professionals

We are a diverse team of inter-professional subject matter experts. Every member is a professional in their field, and some are pioneers. Each member follows one of the most stringent codes of conduct and ethics in the consulting world.

In Brief: We are a Cut Above.


 We select our team members based on their ability to add real measurable value to our clients, our profession, and our team. Our team members are experts in their field with designations such as CMC and FCMC, CHRL, CMA, MEd, CFP and CPA, CA and FCA, PhD, BA, and MScM.

In Brief: We are the Experts.


With over 450 years of combined experience, in Canada and across the globe, from the ground floor to the executive office, board of directors and academia, our inter-professional team has the knowledge and the wisdom to help you spot opportunities, create SMART plans, execute, and gain a competitive advantage.

In Brief: We Create Value.


From the Business Planning Methodology, to Opportunity Spotting, Black Swan Consulting, Market Analysis, Industry Analysis, Market Research, Diagnostics, Stakeholder Analysis, to custom-made tools, our research team, led by two PhDs, has the breadth, the tools, the experience, and the expertise you and your organization need.

In Brief: More Meaningful Analysis.

A few things we are great at

Opportunity Spotting

Do you have a Clear Understanding of the Opportunities in your industry and markets?

Business Planning

Do you have a Marketing Plan, Operations Plan and Financial Plan that are based on SMART goals?

Strategy Development

Have you developed a Value Proposition that is sound, cogent, and unbiased? Have you Validated your value proposition?

Value Creation

Maximizing Value is why you hire great managers. Creating Value is what entrepreneurs and consultants are brought onboard to do. Create new value, and gain a competitive advantage.

Executive Coaching

Are you a Subject Matter Expert in you industry? Are you aware of the trends and factors affecting change in your industry and market?


We use the most robust diagnostics and planning tools including the business planning methodology and surveys to determine what is taking place, what needs changing, and how to make it happen.

Client Testimonials

The project has been moving along quickly and the survey has been an effective tool for addressing the target market. The Big Leaf’s marketing knowledge and expertise have helped the partner understand their business. They’re responsive, flexible, and answer questions in a quick turnaround.

Sara Torki

OTE Studios

The Big Leaf provided valuable research and insights into the North American marketplace, identifying markets like universities and helping with how to refocus overlaps between Canadian and EU laws. They’re incredibly affordable and transparent, providing clear and accessible work.

J. F.

Privid (formerly Biolock Inc.)

Rahi (Management Consultant) helped set everything up. He assisted with validating my apparent opportunity, creating a value proposition of analysis that went into the business plan, and researching a crowdfunding campaign that would work for my business. He also provided support and coaching while the campaign launched.

Chris Stigas



The Big Leaf stands out from the competition.

As of January 1st, 2021, The Big Leaf is ranked as one of:

The Top Corporate Training Companies in Canada

The Top Consulting Firms in Canada

The Top Market Research Companies in Canada

Rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on

We are humbled and honoured to be recognized by our clients, and thank them and our team for making The Big Leaf a high-value service provider


A small sample of the many great organizations our team has worked with. Our team’s combined experience and expertise spans many industries, customers, and decades.