Why Choose Us?

We use advanced diagnostics and analysis tools to better understand your industry, market, and opportunities therein.

We can help you develop and improve your value proposition and competitive advantage through innovation, intrapreneurship, and value creation.


We are a diverse team of professional subject matter experts. Every member is a professional in their field, and some are pioneers. Each member follows one of the most stringent codes of conduct and ethics in the consulting world.

We are a Cut Above

We select our team members based on their ability to add real measurable value to our clients, our profession, and our team. Our team members are experts in their field with designations such as CMC, LLM, MEd, MBA, OCT, OPC, BEd, CHRP, CPA/CFP (fmr), BSc, BBA, BFA, ACE, BSE, BEng, PhD, BA, and MScM.

We are the Experts

With over 500 years of combined experience, in Canada and across the globe, from the ground floor to the executive office, board of directors and academia, our inter-professional team has the knowledge and the wisdom to help you spot opportunities, create SMART plans, execute, and gain a competitive advantage.

We Create Value

If your business is led by one or more Women, Entrepreneurs, or New Immigrants, we offer a discount on all our services. Start-ups also receive a special rate, making our services more competitive, more accessible, and more valuable.

We Are Inclusive and Equitable

Our Mission

To add meaningful value to our clients, improve their market position, and give them a competitive advantage using valid, robust, and timely strategies.

We Take an Entrepreneurial Approach to Consulting

We Foster the Growth of Tomorrow’s Leaders

We Work with Incubators To Help Start-Ups Grow!

We have created a program dedicated to, and designed for the unique needs of business incubators and their eclectic roster of members. The program is called C.A.M. and consists of three basic sets of services: Coaching, Advising, and Mentorship.

If you are an Incubator in North America, or a member of an Incubator in North America, we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of our unique program, and help both Incubators and their Members to gain a competitive advantage, create new value, and reach new levels of success.


Foundation Building

  • Group Advisory Services
  • Business Planning Support
  • Investor Readiness Training
  • Access to CMC & PhD Advisors


Best Value

  • Group Advisory Services
  • Business Planning Support
  • Workshops
  • Investor Readiness Certification
  • Access to CMC & PhD Advisors
  • Validation & Valuation
  • Presentation Training
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Data Room Development



  • Group Advisory Services
  • Business Planning Certification
  • Workshops
  • Investor Readiness Certification
  • Access to All Advisors
  • Validation & Valuation
  • Presentation Training
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Data Room Development
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Defensibility Analysis

We Have The Tools, Strategies, & Frameworks to Help Your Members

Management & Operations

Management Toolkits, Brand Management, Business Benchmarking, Change/Project Management Toolkits, Core Competency, Innovation Solutions, KPI Dashboards, Product Development, and More.

Planning Support

Full and Summary Business Plans, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Financial Plan, Productivity, Projects Dashboards, Multiple Canvases, Sales Funnels, Scenario Planning, Value Propositions, and More.

Road-maps & Frameworks

Strategic Road-Maps, Trust-Building, Customer Journey, Business Continuity, DEI (EDI), Consulting for Innovation, McKinsey’s 7s Framework, 30/60/90 Day Plans, and More.

Strategy Tools

Strategy-Related Tools like Blue Ocean, Sales, Alignment, Growth, and More.

Analytical Tools like Balanced Scorecard, Gap Analysis, Pitch Deck, Organization Analysis , Risk, and More.

Unique Tools

Tools designed by Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Advisors, & Mentors in multiple Industries, Sectors, and Professional Fields.

Investor Readiness, Defensibility Scorecard, Data Room Analyzer, Presentation Analyzer, and More.



Our team members have been carefully selected to offer a holistic approach to each challenge and opportunity. You don’t have to settle for experts in just one field anymore. We empower you to better understand the implications of important decisions, identify new opportunities to maximize and create value, and improve your competitive positioning.

Giving back to our Community and Investing in the Future

The Big Leaf and our Team are proud to commit our time, expertise, and resources to causes and organizations that value humanity, education, and good will. Learn more about our latest Philanthropic endeavours by clicking below!

The World Marketing Summit 2023
November 6 & 7

We are offering Students in North America 2 Million Free Tickets to The World Marketing Summit 2023 valued at $98 Million!

Thanks to the incredible investment by Kotler Impact, The Big Leaf is proud to offer students in secondary and higher education one of two million free tickets to the World Marketing Summit (WMS) this November 6th and 7th. Students save the $49 ticket cost and get access to the full conference!

Enjoy talks from over 200 speakers from more than 100 countries around the world, during the non-stop program! Expected attendance this year is more than 90 million.

To claim your free tickets, click the link below to learn more!

Awards & Recognition

Standing out from the competition, we have been recognized by our wonderful clientele for our hard work, quality services, and dedication to creating value

A+ Rating with the BBB

We are listed on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating.

“Businesses who choose to run great, trustworthy operations, meet the requirements of BBB Accreditation.”


The Big Leaf has a 94% Rating on the Business to Business Rating Platform Clutch.co, and has been recognized as one of the Top Consulting Businesses in 2021, 2022, and 2023!

We Consistently receive high scores and positive feedback from the students and faculty at the higher education institutions that participate in our Experiential Learning Program!

Our Partners

It is a pleasure to work with organizations that share in our belief that ‘adding meaningful value to clients should be carried out ethically, professionally, and with the best interest of all stakeholders in mind.

KnowQuest is the next evolution in Feedback Platforms

After years of research and analysis alongside hundreds of higher education students and institutions, KnowQuest has pinpointed the ideal feedback platform model.

Built on the strengths of, and addressing the weaknesses of existing feedback platforms, the KnowQuest C.A.S.H. platform offers more credible, more honest, more secure, and more informative feedback, while avoiding the need for collecting, storing, or selling users’ personal information!

No more ‘5-star’ overall ratings; the KnowQuest platform offers more accurate, comparable, and actionable feedback, without requiring confusing comments or wasting consumers’ time.

KnowQuest is launching its Beta this Autumn, and will offer Academic Feedback (the only Academic Feedback platform in the world!), Movie/TV Show Feedback, and Video Game Feedback (also one of a kind!). More categories like Beverages (Coffee, Wine, Beer, etc.) are coming soon!

The Big Leaf is proud to bring the Kotler iDBA Program to Canada!

Earn your Doctorate in Business Administration [Online] from the comfort of your home with top experts and professors from around the world.

Helping Small and Medium Businesses

The Big Leaf has partnered with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and their SME Institute

We’ve partnered with the SME Institute by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as a training program partner! What does that mean? We’ve curated courses for small and medium-sized businesses that are offered exclusively through the SME Institute, a service that provides the training, support and advice your business needs to adapt, grow and thrive. Check out our partnered courses starting this Fall:

✔️ Investor Readiness: Preparation and Planning for Funding Opportunities

✔️ The Sustainability of Digital Transformation

✔️ Business Planning Methodology: Utilizing a Powerful, Comprehensive Tool to Diagnose Your Business and Better Identify Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Efforts to Grow, Raise Capital and Scale

Learn more about the courses and enroll now at


The Big Leaf and its partner KnowQuest Inc. work hand in hand with Universities and Colleges from Across North America and Europe to provide students with real-world experiential learning opportunities.

To date, we have worked with
83 Institutions and 1,500+ students on 140+ projects !

Our Experiential Learning Projects include Human Resources, IT, Web/App Development, Consulting, Operations Management, Event Planning/Management, Finance & Crypto, Marketing, Business Development, Valuation, Start-Up/Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Opportunity Spotting, and More!

Reach out to us today to get involved.