The C. A. M. Program


Coaches that work with you to strengthen weaknesses, address gaps, and help to bolster your experience. A great coach can coach you to be a great leader in your business!

We actively seek new Coaches from professional organizations like Certified Management Consultants (CMC), PMI, CPA, etc.


Our growing roster of advisors are selected for their ability to add meaningful value to your business, strategy, and competitiveness.

We help you to clearly identify where you need more or less help, and match you with an advisor that specializes in those areas that need additional support.


A Mentor is there for you and your business. They are your right-hand person, to share ideas, get support, and grow.

Our unique Mentor-Mentee Matching and Mentorship program is designed to be flexible, robust, and malleable to meet your unique needs as an entrepreneur.

Additional Programs

Thanks to the incredible team at Niagara Falls Innovation Hub, and their incredible facilities in Niagara Falls, Ontario, we are proud to offer members more than just coaching, advising, and mentoring services!

The CMC-NFIH Panel Discussion

An inclusive look at what matters to you

A discussion about the topics, issues, opportunities, and circumstances that matter to you! A robust, holistic, and inclusive look at business, entrepreneurship, opportunity spotting, and what drives success in the modern world.

An insightful discourse

Listen to the leaders of tomorrow. Hear from the influencers of the day. Get new insights and perspectives. We will attract a well-rounded panel of interesting, intelligent, insightful, and inspiring speakers to answer your questions!

Customized Leadership Training & Coaching

Leadership is one of the most valuable skills that you can have as an entrepreneur.
But Leadership is typically learned, and not inherent.
Our Leadership experts can work with you to help you to better inspire, lead, and execute.

A Monthly ‘Meeting of the Minds’

A Monthly Meeting of the Experts and Leaders in Business Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship in which we have an open discussion about you and your leadership challenges, stories, and insights!

Improve Your Leadership Skills

Register to learn directly from our growing roster of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Business Management Experts. Significantly boost your knowledge base, tools, skill set, and options in Leadership and Management of your team.

Learn From The Best

Why learn from our roster of experts? We are each an expert in our own field. Almost all our members have a Master’s Degree, professional designations like CMC and CPA, certifications (e.g. Mr. Vescio has more than 12 certifications alone!), and countless years of experience in a wide variety of industries, markets, and ecosystems.

Workshops & Classes

Business Planning & Opportunity Spotting

Learn from experts in Business Planning, Research, Analysis, and Opportunity Spotting. Learn how to improve your business, your business model, your financial model, your value proposition, and your probability of sustainable, long-term success.

Work with our team of experienced professionals in Investor Readiness. Take advantage of our centuries of combined experience in Entrepreneurship, Investment, Professional Presentations, and Business Planning to make your journey towards funding easier and more fruitful.

Save Time

Save Time by learning from the best, getting access to great tools, having important questions addressed, facing challenges with experts, and working through problems with experienced professionals.

Do More

Achieve more by better understanding your industry, your market(s), your opportunities, your value proposition, and your plans. Work with Business Planning and Entrepreneurship experts to get ahead and reach your goals faster!

Create Value

Better analyze your industry and market(s) to better identify the opportunities that you can take advantage of, and that you can create meaningful value for. Your value proposition is the key to your business’ success, and we can help!

Volunteer as a Coach, Advisor, or Mentor & Help The Next Generation Grow!

Email us today to learn more about how you can earn Professional Development Points by volunteering your time as a Coach, Advisor, or Mentor!