Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Code of Conduct & Ethics is Inspired by the Revolutionary, Ethics-Driven Laws of Robotics

The Laws of Robotics have been reinterpreted for use in consulting and summarize our expectations for each member:

Zeroth Law

Do not contribute to, consult for, or endorse any business, activities, or strategy that is considered harmful to humanity, including the violation of any applicable laws or legislation.

First law

Do not contribute to, consult for, or endorse any business, activities, or strategy that will bring harm to clients, the Profession, other Members, or the Firm, except where it will violate the Zeroth law.

second Law

Carry out your duties in the best interest of the client to the best of your ability, except where it will violate either the Zeroth or First laws.

Third Law

Maintain your professional standing, expertise, and records in the best interest of the Firm, other Members, your own professional career, and any current and future clients, except where it will violate either the Zeroth, First, or Second laws.

Ride Hard, Shoot Straight, and Always Tell The Truth

Every member of our team abides by our Code of Conduct and Ethics which we developed to be one of the most stringent in the consulting world

Laws & Legislation

Team Members shall be aware of, and comply with all applicable laws and legislation at all times


Team Members shall not misrepresent their knowledge of, or expertise in any given area, subject, industry, or market

Profile Maintenance

Team Members shall provide their up to date resume, working history, list of professional designations and accreditation


Team Members shall not act in a manner that is unbecoming of the Profession


Team Members shall treat one another, and each client with the same dignity, respect, and tolerance that they expect for themselves


Team Members shall disclose any and all organizations within which they are a member, volunteer, or employee or consultant

Public Protection – A

Team Members shall not knowingly contribute to, consult for, assist, or endorse any business, product or service that is considered by scientific consensus to be Quackery, Snake Oil, or any other form of Consumer Fraud

Public Protection – C

Team Members shall not participate in any misleading advertising, pressure tactics, or other unprofessional methods of obtaining business

Complaints – A

Complaints against one or more Team Members will be acknowledged and reviewed within ten (10) business days by a panel of three (3) Team Members

Public Protection – B

Team Members shall not engage in, promote, endorse, or use as a factor in decision making and strategy development, any Conspiracy Theories or unfounded or highly improbable conclusions based on hearsay

Public Protection – D

Team Members can have a complaint filed against them by Clients or other Team Members if they violate any component of this Code of Conduct, via email to our President, Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh (

Complaints – B

Complaints are either dismissed to to inadequate reasons or evidence, or carried forward into disciplinary action including the potential for full dismissal

Informed Client

Team Members shall confirm in writing the terms of reference for an assignment, including but not limited to: objectives, milestones, deliverables, expected date of completion, names and relevant qualifications of each proposed Team Member, etc.

Fee Arrangements – B

Team Members shall not begin an assignment until the client has accepted the written terms of reference


Team Members shall not disclose any confidential information without the express written consent of the client, and shall comply with the privacy policies of their client at all times

Fee Arrangements – A

Team Members shall inform, in writing, the budget and billing arrangements related to all professional fees, expenses, disbursements and applicable taxes


Team Members shall not accepts assignments from their clients’ competitors, or with any organization or corporation in which the assignment will conflict with the interests of their client, without the express written permission of all parties involved


Team Members shall ensure that they do not accept any terms or conditions that may affect their ability to conduct the assignment in a fair, independent, and objective manner


Team Members shall maintain their knowledge and understanding of this Code, the body of knowledge associated with their area(s) of expertise (as determined by their relevant association, accreditation body, school, or government), and their relevant industries, markets,fields and subjects


Team Members that have attempted to assist, correct, or guide another Member (or Members) without success, must report the Member(s) not abiding by the Code to The Big Leaf’s management team for further review and appropriate disciplinary action(s)


Team Members shall ensure that their physical and emotional state is consistent with the requirements of client work, particularly when developing or providing professional advice

Self Discipline

Team Members shall strive to discipline themselves to maintain the high standards of the Profession, as well as professional conduct and ethical practice, as they are reflected in this Code


Team Members shall ensure that their behaviour is consistent with, and reinforces, a positive public image of the Profession


Team Members shall attempt to assist, correct, or guide another Member (or Members) that they see, or feel, are not abiding by this Code