We are Giving Away TWO MILLION TICKETS to the World Marketing Summit 2023 to Students in North America!

Thanks to Kotler Impact and The Big Leaf’s partnership, we are pleased to be have been chosen to give away up to 2 Million Tickets to this incredible event that is attended by millions of people worldwide!

World Marketing Summit 2023

A Message from Mr. Kotler

The WMS 2023 is a unique opportunity to upgrade your theoretical marketing knowledge to the most advanced state of the art, while at the same time acquiring operational tools to support business development.

The demand for environmental, social and economic sustainability has long been clearly expressed by the market; now something more needs to be done. Businesses are asked to generate a positive impact on the environment and society by radically rethinking the value and ways of creating and sharing it. The main themes of eWMS 2023, are the new conceptual references for a profitable and sustainable business because it is able to respond effectively to the needs of society.

Participation in eWMS 2023 is therefore useful for different professional profiles: to managers who operate with a strong focus on innovation and marketing; to communication professionals; to those who do digital communication in the company; to long-term entrepreneurs and to startups who want to understand and successfully oversee the complex ecosystem in which companies act; to marketing teachers who aim to integrate the most advanced developments in the discipline into teaching.

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…and 20 Million Students in USA and Canada

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For more information about eWMS 2023, visit https://worldmarketingsummit.org/wms-23/ or email them directly at info@worldmarketingsummit.org