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What is Executive Consulting?

Making Executives’ Lives Easier

Leadership is full of challenges. You have to work with many disparate stakeholders, often juggling incompatible demands from all directions. The life of an executive can be stressful, laden with risk, and full of unwanted time commitments that are not feasible.

That’s where we come in. We act as the lubricant between executives and stakeholders. Whether it is managing one or more departments, trying to get various entities to work together, garnering champions for new initiatives, change management, preparing for a merger or acquisition, launching a new product or service, turnaround management, entrepreneurial endeavors, fostering innovation, facilitating engagement, training new leaders, or just improving your metrics, being a great executive is challenge.

Our role, is to work with you to make those challenges easier to overcome; to foster innovation, facilitate engagement, encourage change, spot opportunities, lubricate the gears of the machine that is business. We Create Value.


We have several innovation experts that can help you and your organization create new value, unlock dormant demand, and spot new opportunities.


Making course adjustments requires research, validation, strategy, change management, and leadership. We can send our best to help you make the process easier, less risky, and yield better outcomes.


Business improvement, training, workshops, and team building exercises are not every executives strengths. But we have members who are experienced in improving businesses from top to bottom. Take the pressure off of your executives, and let us make it easier.


We can bring stakeholders together to spot new opportunities, innovate at the disruptive or discontinuous levels, and help your organization better differentiate and position itself competitively. We take the burden off of executives’ shoulders, giving them the room to breathe and be able to better facilitate growth.

Services – By Category

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility Consulting

Strategy Consulting Services

Coaching, Training, & Workshops

Other Services


Everyone Belongs


Everyone is Unique


Everyone is Treated Fairly


Everyone Can Engage

What Inclusion Means to Your Business

More team cohesion. Increased productivity. Increased creativity. Better employee retention.

What Diversity Means to Your Business

Increased morale. More engagement. More holistic and broader depth of experience.

What Equity Means to Your Business

Gain more goodwill from employees. Improve trust among and between employees.

What Accessibility Means to Your Business

Create and support the infrastructure to foster engagement from all members.

What’s the Big I.D.E.A.?

The Big Leaf’s ‘Big I.D.E.A.’ is a new set of services designed to help your organization identify the best strategy to implement additional I.D.E.A. initiatives. If you want to facilitate growth, improvement, and increased loyalty, while creating a positive impact on stakeholders, working with The Big Leaf’s Big I.D.E.A. team is your first step.

We believe that with careful research, information gathering, strategic consideration, thoughtful planning, and efficient execution, any organization can leverage the benefits of I.D.E.A. initiatives and unlock dormant value.

We call it a Return on Impact. A New ROI.

The return on Impact is a measurement of the value derived from new initiatives, including both monetary and non-monetary such as good will, employee retention, employee goodwill, client feedback and satisfaction, etc.

The return on impact can also be focused on social and environmental value, including but not limited to carbon footprint reduction, education, economic empowerment, and efficiency improvements.

The Big I.D.E.A. and You

How does The Big Leaf’s team help your organization under the Big I.D.E.A.’s program?

Listen & Learn

We work with your leaders, managers, and employees to get a clearer picture, better understand the potential value that an I.D.E.A. strategy can unlock, and the feasibility and Return on Impact of any given new strategy.

Develop Strategies

We help you develop strategies that are meaningful, impactful, and likely to be adopted by all members of your organization. We also look at the best practices in your industry to ensure that any new strategy help give you a competitive advantage.

Confirm Value & Feasiblity

Before executing, or helping you execute, we work closely with all levels of employees and leaders in your organization to ensure that new strategies are feasible, have measurable value, and will either help reduce risk, create new value, or both.

Execute & Launch

Our experts in leadership, employee training, behaviour, and change management experts work closely with your organization to champion the selected new strategy or strategies and gain the goodwill of your employees to ensure long-term adherence.

Monitor & Manage

When implementing new strategies and engage in change management, ensuring both adoption and adherence is critical to long-term success. We can make the process easier and more likely to succeed by using validated tools and quality feedback mechanisms.

Improve & Iterate

No one strategy is perfect, and all change management plans can be improved upon. Improving on a plan or strategy demonstrates leadership’s goodwill and genuine desire to see a positive impact on all stakeholders. We can help improve and iterate any strategy or change management plan.

I.D.E.A. Packages

You are in control of your organization’s, and team’s fate. Make the right choice today.

The goals for the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility services are aimed at promoting a fair and inclusive work environment that values the unique strengths and contributions of all individuals. This includes creating equitable protocols and ecosystems, ensuring fair access, opportunity, and power, and representing the local talent pool. Additionally, fostering engagement, feedback, and giving employees a voice are crucial components of this effort to promote inclusion and equity in the workplace.


– I.D.E.A. Assessment
– I.D.E.A. Diagnostics

Better understand your organization’s current I.D.E.A. position, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. See what value there is in developing a meaningful, actionable, and a SMART I.D.E.A. Strategy.

Pricing is based on your organization’s size, needs, and complexity.


Everything in the Basic Package, plus:
– Roadmap (timeline & milestones)
– Management & Employee Buy-In

Work with our team of experts to develop an Action Plan (the Roadmap/Strategy). Assess and gain the Goodwill from Employees and Management to adopt new I.D.E.A. Initiatives.

Pricing is based on your organization’s size, needs, and complexity.


Everything in the Premium Package, plus:
– Strategy Execution & Oversight (including necessary Workshops & Training)
– I.D.E.A. Training & Education Through Art & Culture (a novel method to better connect the value of IDEA initiatives with employees & management)
– Monitoring & Improvement of the Strategy (typically 6-months or more)

Get direct help from our experts  in executing your new I.D.E.A. Strategy, from start to finish. Let us help your Leadership assess its impact, monitor its progress, and make the necessary changes to improve outcomes.

Pricing is based on your organization’s size, needs, and complexity.

Business Planning

Including Industry & Market Analyses, External & Internal Plans, & Pitch Decks

Opportunity Spotting

Including Value Proposition Development & Validation at Multiple Levels

Competitive Analyses

Including Positioning, Advantage(s), & Analyses of Factors that need Change

Change Management

Including Diagnostics, Resource Allocation, Monitoring, & Improvements

What Business Planning Means to Your Business

Get a situation analyses,a better understanding of your Industry and Market(s). Better prepare for funding, growth, and a merger or acquisition.

What Opportunity Spotting Means to Your Business

Spot new or more valuable opportunities. Validate existing opportunities and prioritize accordingly. Reduce risk and create new value.

What Competitive Analyses Mean to Your Business

Gain new insights into your organization’s competitive position and advantage(s). Understand what drives your competitive advantage(s) and what can change.

What Change Management Means to Your Business

Get clarity about your internal feasibility, strengths, and weaknesses. Better appreciate the value of change, and make meaningful change happen!

What is Strategy Consulting?

Strategy development is an essential process for any organization to achieve its objectives and long-term vision. It involves a set of activities aimed at defining the company’s direction, determining the best course of action, allocating resources, and establishing priorities to achieve its goals.

The overall goals of strategy development for a company are to define the company’s vision, mission, and values, identify its competitive advantage, develop a strategic plan, allocate resources effectively, and monitor and evaluate progress towards achieving its objectives. By achieving these goals, a company can improve its chances of long-term success and growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Strategy Consulting for Your Organization

How does The Big Leaf’s team help your organization achieve its long-term objectives?

Full Business Planning

The importance of business planning cannot be overstated. It provides a roadmap for the future of the business, helps to identify potential challenges and opportunities, and ensures that everyone in the organization is aligned towards a common goal. It also helps to manage risk, allocate resources effectively, and make informed decisions based on data and analysis. A well-developed business plan is a crucial tool for the success of any business.

Industry & Market Analyses

Carrying out an industry and market analysis is important for a business as it helps to identify market trends and customer needs, assess the level of competition, evaluate the regulatory environment, assess market size and growth potential, and identify potential risks and challenges. This information can help a business to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to achieve its objectives and succeed in the market.

Opportunity Spotting

Opportunity spotting is important for a business as it can help it to stay competitive, increase revenue and profitability, improve efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive innovation. By being proactive in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, a business can achieve its objectives and succeed in the market.

Value Proposition Crafting & Validation

Value proposition development & validation is important for a business as it can help it to attract customers, differentiate from competitors, guide product and service development, improve marketing effectiveness, and drive business growth. By developing a clear and compelling value proposition and validating it with customers, a business can create a strong foundation for success in the market.

Mission, Vision, & Values Crafting

Defining the vision, mission, and values of a business is essential for developing a clear and compelling strategic plan. A well-crafted vision statement provides direction for the organization’s long-term goals, while the mission statement defines the organization’s purpose and reason for existence. Values represent the guiding principles that shape the organization’s culture and behavior. Together, these elements provide a framework for decision-making and actions at all levels of the organization.

Competitive Analyses

Identifying competitive positioning and advantage is critical for businesses to achieve success in the market. By analyzing its competitive positioning, a company can differentiate itself from its competitors and identify opportunities to gain market share. By identifying its competitive advantage, a company can leverage its strengths to achieve superior business performance and outperform its competitors.

Factors That Require Change

Identifying areas, strategies, or factors that need change is critical for businesses to remain competitive and achieve success in the market. By evaluating the current state of the organization and identifying areas for improvement, the organization can develop a plan to address these issues and improve performance. This will help the organization to achieve its objectives and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Strategic Planning & Resource Allocation

Developing a strategic plan involves conducting a situation analysis, defining the vision, mission, and values, identifying objectives and goals, identifying competitive positioning and/or advantage, identifying areas, strategies, or factors that need change, developing an action plan, and monitoring and evaluating performance. By following these steps, organizations can develop a roadmap for success and achieve their objectives in the marketplace.

Change Management

Change management can be a complex process, but it is essential for organizations that want to stay competitive and adapt to changing circumstances. Effective change management requires strong leadership, communication skills, and the ability to manage resistance and uncertainty.

Monitoring, Evaluating, & Improving

By working with our team, organizations can ensure that they are making progress toward achieving their goals and can make necessary adjustments to the strategic plan to remain agile and responsive to changes in the internal or external environment.

Leadership Coaching & Training

Identify Your Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses. Make the Effort to Improve!

Management & Employee Training

Get the Best out of your Team, Your Managers, and Your Organization

One, Two, or Multi-Day Workshops

We Create Customized Workshops that Suit Your Unique Needs

Advanced Leadership & Employee Training

From DISC Training to Professional Presentations, Engagement, & More!

What Leadership Coaching & Training Means to Your Business

We work with your Leaders to identify where they can make the most progress, and our experts in Leadership Coach and Train them step by step to reach their goals.

What Management & Employee Training Means to Your Business

Managers and Employees get the guidance that only a qualified expert can offer. Our team creates unique programs to bring out the best in your organization.

What Customized Workshops & Training Sessions Mean to Your Business

Workshops and Training Sessions can be in one or more areas, including, but not limited to DEI, Employee Engagement, Workplace Safety & Health, and more!

What Advanced Leadership & Employee Training Means to Your Business

Advanced Training programs include DISC Training, the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, Business Planning and Strategy Development, and more!

Why Coaching, Advising, & Training?

Coaching or training is an important tool for companies looking to develop their employees, improve performance, build stronger teams, and manage change effectively. By working with a consultant, companies can ensure that their coaching or training programs are tailored to their specific needs and aligned with their strategic goals.

Our expert advisors can also work hand-in-hand with your leaders to ensure that new strategies, initiatives, and directives are executed with less risk, a higher probability of success, and innovative approaches. Our advisors help leaders develop their leadership skills. Coaching provides ongoing support and guidance, mentoring provides access to a more experienced perspective, and advising provides expert guidance and strategic advice. Regardless of the specific form of professional development chosen, the goal is to help individuals improve their leadership abilities and achieve their professional goals.