How Can We Help Your Business?


We are Consultants that follow a strict Ethical Code. We help medium and large organizations and their Executives to solve problems, create new value, spot opportunities, and optimize their teams.


Click below or scroll down to learn more about how we help Entrepreneurs, Incubators, Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists in the exciting world of Entrepreneurship!

We can work with Angel Investors and Incubators to help start-ups better prepare for and acquire new investment.

Executive Consulting

We grease the wheels of the complex machine that is executive management. We help leaders from Management up to C-Suite Executives and Boards of Directors resolve challenges and unlock value.

We can also come in as a Fractional Officer (CEO or COO) for businesses going through change, mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring!

Business Improvement

Improving leadership, management, employee performance, and departmental metrics are especially important in a competitive environment. Let our experts help your business grow and prosper.

Our team members have decades of experience helping businesses and their leaders create meaningful change.

Executive Consulting

With experts in Strategy, Business Planning, Research, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Opportunity Spotting, and Economics.

Help your company’s leaders spend more time Leading! Let us come in and reduce the friction between and among departments, managers, employees, and conflicting visions.

Help your CEO make the right decisions with objective insights from consultants who follow a strict code of ethics.

We have the knowledge, the tools, and the experience to help your executives and executive team.

  • Diagnostics: From Symptoms all the way through to Remedies
  • Intrapreneurship: Innovation, Opportunity Spotting, & Value Creation
  • Strategy: Corporate, Departmental, and Growth Strategy Development or Redesign
  • Value: Value Proposition Crafting, Assessment, and Redevelopment
  • Growth: Forecasting, Risk Assessment, Growth Planning, Funding Support
  • Fractional Officer: Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officers On-Demand


We offer customized Entrepreneurship Services from Business Planning and Industry / Market Research, to Opportunity Spotting and Validation, to Investor Readiness and Coaching / Mentoring. We have decades of experience as Entrepreneurs and as advisors to business owners in industries like Luxury, Fashion, Farming, Agritech, Home Healthcare, Consumer Feedback, Research, Higher Education, Staffing, Manufacturing, etc.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur seeking the next round of funding, an Incubator looking for high value programs for your members, or an Angel / Venture Capital network or investor looking for an experienced team to help mitigate risk and create value, we are the team for you.

  • Training: Courses, Hands-On Programs, and Validated Tools
  • Assessment: Investor Readiness, Business Plan, Business Model, Pitch Deck, Data Room, and Branding Analyses
  • Presentation: Public Speaking, Presentation, and Pitch Support
  • Leadership Support: Coaching, Advising, and One-on-One Guidance for Entrepreneurs

Business Improvement

Business Improvement targets employees, managers, team leaders, and directors. It is customized to address your businesses weaknesses by leveraging its existing strengths, building new foundational strength, and encouraging inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

We help you empower your team to better facilitate, maximize, and create value.

We can help you identify best practices in your industry, identify areas of concern, find the right solutions, and help you implement positive change. Scroll down for more details on all of our services.

  • Leader-Focused: Leadership Training, Coaching, and Advice
  • Management-Focused: Management Assessments, Training Programs, and Improvement
  • Employee-Focused: Customized Courses, Training Programs, and Assessments

What is Executive Consulting?

Making Executives’ Lives Easier

Leadership is full of challenges. You have to work with many disparate stakeholders, often juggling incompatible demands from all directions. The life of an executive can be stressful, laden with risk, and full of unwanted time commitments that are not feasible.

That’s where we come in. We act as the lubricant between executives and stakeholders. Whether it is managing one or more departments, trying to get various entities to work together, garnering champions for new initiatives, change management, preparing for a merger or acquisition, launching a new product or service, turnaround management, entrepreneurial endeavors, fostering innovation, facilitating engagement, training new leaders, or just improving your metrics, being a great executive is challenge.

Our role, is to work with you to make those challenges easier to overcome; to foster innovation, facilitate engagement, encourage change, spot opportunities, lubricate the gears of the machine that is business. We Create Value.


We have several innovation experts that can help you and your organization create new value, unlock dormant demand, and spot new opportunities.


Making course adjustments requires research, validation, strategy, change management, and leadership. We can send our best to help you make the process easier, less risky, and yield better outcomes.


Business improvement, training, workshops, and team building exercises are not every executives strengths. But we have members who are experienced in improving businesses from top to bottom. Take the pressure off of your executives, and let us make it easier.


We can bring stakeholders together to spot new opportunities, innovate at the disruptive or discontinuous levels, and help your organization better differentiate and position itself competitively. We take the burden off of executives’ shoulders, giving them the room to breathe and be able to better facilitate growth.