Management Consulting

Learn more about our comprehensive and robust consulting services. We have several Certified Management Consultants ready to help your organization today!

Black Swan Consulting

Black Swan events like COVID-19 are unpredictable and overwhelming for businesses. We help you to increase resilience and agility, and reduce risk while planning for the unknown.

Education Technology

We assist and invest in education technology companies that have real value and excellent potential. Whether your education technology company needs help with funding or planning, we are here to help.

Investment Support

From due diligence to investment preparation, from funding and loans to executive coaching, we help investors and organizations alike.

We use advanced analysis tools to better determine value, risks, and the potential for growth.

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Make Problems Go Away

What we offer

Your business is unique. Your situation is unique. Your needs are unique.

We offer our services in traditional packages such as a Retainer for Access and Retainer for Work, but we also offer the more comprehensive Results As A Service (RAAS) package.

Retainer for Access

We offer 4 levels of service under the retainer for access package.

From Monthly to Annually, we have the right package to fit your budget and meet your needs.

With a Retainer for Access Package, you have full access to our services when you need it most.

Retainer for Work

You can retain our individual team members, or retain several members on an ongoing basis. We will negotiate a fair rate and you only pay for the hours we work.

The typically ongoing nature of a Retainer for Work has the benefit of developing a more meaningful and valuable relationship with our team.

Results as a Service

This is a new model of consulting in which you and our team identify exactly what needs to be done.

Once the project scope is determined, and the fees are negotiated, it is up to our team to get the job done.

This package shifts the risk onto our team, instead of your company!

Basic Hourly Consulting

Whether you need a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), a Ph.D., or even a Master of Science in Management (MScM), we have the experts available to help you reach your goals.

If you just need some basic consulting work and want to pay hourly, we are here to help.

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