External Analysis

The more you know about your industry and markets, the more informed decisions you make, the more opportunities you can spot, and the more risk you can mitigate.

Our Industry and Market Analysis services are comprehensive and opportunity-oriented.

Internal Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of your business plan, marketing plan, operations plan, financial plan, and exit strategy.

Our team has decades of experience in management and entrepreneurship, research and analysis.

Business Planning

We have trained experts in business planning and the business planning methodology.

Opportunity spotting, validation, strategy development, marketing and operations planning, human resources planning, value propositions and start-up help.

Change Management

We can help your business better understand what changes have the most value, the highest probability of success, and how to carry out the change management process.

We also help you implement your change management plan.

Corporate Training

From executive coaching and directional planning, to corporate and employee training, our team has the expertise, experience, and tools to facilitate growth, improve creativity and resilience, and strengthen your team.


From book keeping to tax services, , our resident accountant and financial planning expert, Mr. McMeeken can help give you peace of mind.

We can also help you with Independent Pension Plans!


We have several researchers on our team with the education and experience to help you better understand complex data and relationships.

Data analysis, business intelligence solutions, branding analysis, digital advertisement analysis, dashboard development and high level data interpretation.

Web Development

We have several web developers on our team that are here to help your business create a website that works.

From database design to data security, from PIPEDA and GDPR compliance to accessibility analyses, from application development to full stack development, our team is ready to assist you and your business.

Other Services

We offer a host of other services thanks to our eclectic team!

Education consulting and private primary / secondary school start-ups.

Employee health, wellness and engagement analysis and planning.

Employee training programs.

Accessibility consulting and analysis.

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Investment Support

Due Diligence

Before making the decision to invest, start with our team to minimize your exposure to risk, and ensure the investment is sound.

Industry & Market Analyses; Opportunity Spotting & Validation; Value Proposition Analysis; Primary & Secondary Research; Business Plan Analysis; Screening, etc.

Investment Preparation

Are you seeking funding? Do you want to make sure your offer is of real meaningful value? We can help you reduce risks and create meaningful value.

Valuation; Opportunity Spotting; Business Planning; External & Internal Analyses; Proposal Development; Investor Analysis; etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have decades of experience in Mergers & Acquisitions in many different industries, and can help make the process easier, less costly, and value-positive.

Valuation; Proposal Development; Value Proposition Analysis; Negotiations; Mediation; Arbitration; etc.

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