How We Choose our Partners

We are very proud to work with a growing family of great businesses to offer more value, more services, and better quality. We only ask that our partners follow these four tenets of our Values. The following four tenets are what we believe develops real Trust.


Do they embrace difference? Do they hire persons of varying backgrounds and gender? Do they understand uniqueness?


Do they act in a manner that we at The Big Leaf can stand with? Do they stand behind their actions, and admit their mistakes?


Honesty goes beyond telling the truth; it sets the tone for the company, the brand, and the culture.


The ability to understand someone’s situation, their feelings, and their driving forces. Empathy is what separates savagery from civilization.


A Complete HR Team At Your Fingertips

HRprimed provides full-service HR and H&S support to our clients. We believe that truly meeting the needs of our clients means being on-site for you when you need us. We have experts to support you across Canada and in every field of HR and H&S. Combined, our team has been doing it, and doing it well, for over 200 years. Put our team to work for you.


HR or H&S emergency? Employee termination? Just need to find an answer? We got you covered! No matter what the issue, the answer to your problem is a phone call or email away. Our expert HR and H&S on call support provides you with ‘unlimited’ access to an expert when YOU need it.


Our introductory on-site health and safety audit offers you a peace of mind for a ridiculously affordable price! Whether you be an industrial workplace or an office building, the health and safety standards and training that you are required to comply with can be lengthy and confusing. Our experienced H&S consultants come to your workplace to conduct a thorough audit based on your industry and applicable legislation. No guess work.