June 7, Padova, Italy

The Challenge

Emerging Luxury Product Manufacturers & Retailers Seek to Grow or Develop their North American Presence

Luxury Manufacturers Seek to Gain a Competitive Advantage That Can Benefit from Technology Adoption, Sustainability & Circular Economy Driven Strategies


A Market-Focused, Research-Driven Annual Conference to Bring Together ‘Made in Italy’ Producers, Luxury Brands, Academics and Researchers, Innovative Entrepreneurs, and Leaders to Foster Opportunities to Leverage Technology, Adopt Sustainability Strategies, and Create New Value.

Gain New Industry & Market Insights While Enjoying Delicious Food & Wine

The Conference

To foster collaboration, innovation, circular economy strategies, and sustainability in the Luxury Industry

Critical Industry & Market Insights

Three Industry/Market Intelligence Reports from our Research Team:

  1. Sustainability in Luxury
  2. The North American Luxury Market
  3. Technology’s Role, & The Future of Luxury

Management Consulting Expertise

Informative Talks by Our Experts:

  1. Opportunity Spotting
  2. Exporting to North America
  3. Block Chain in Luxury
  4. Sustainability in Luxury

Keynote Address by Special Guests

Donald Ziraldo of Inniskillin and Ziraldo Wines

Stay Tuned for Additional Guest Speakers!

Top 40 Under Forty

Celebrating the best in Italian Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Business Link Media Group.

The Winners of the Top 40 Under Forty Will be Presented Their Awards During Dinner!

A Luxury Experience




Manufacturers of Italian Luxury Products

Italian Retailers wishing to Enter North America

Sponsors & Collaborators

Industry & Government Professionals

Consultants & Advisors in Luxury Manufacturing / Retail

Distributors & Wholesalers of Luxury Products

Local Businesses


Italian Fashion Houses & Luxury Retailers

Local Restaurants, Local Wine & Cheese Producers

Luxury Retailers in North America

Colleges, Universities, & Their Students

Shipping, Distribution, Travel & Tourism Firms

Technology Solution Companies

Social & Traditional Media Influencers


Fashion Houses from Italy & North America

Luxury Retailers in North America

Financial Institutions & Universities

Digital Transformation Solution Companies

International Marketing Solution Companies

Shipping, Distribution, Travel & Tourism Firms

Technology Solution Companies


College & University Students from:



United States of America

United Kingdom


The List of Schools is growing!

Reach out to participate today!

Why You Should Attend This Conference

Sales & Marketing

Meet & Greet fellow Industry & Market Experts, Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Media, & More!

Open New Doors of Opportunity

Awareness & Exposure

The Beautiful San Pio X Villa Offer Picturesque Views, & The Event Will Provide Opportunities to Create Memorable Content. Sponsors Will Be Supporting Sustainable Solutions.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

A Combination of Informative Talks from Consulting Professionals, Research Findings, & Case & Pitch Competition Solutions from Higher Education Students.

Circular Economy & Innovation

Hear From the Experts in Innovation Management & Sustainable Solutions (including Circular Economy Strategies).

Future-Proofing & Block Chain

Ms. Marilyn Tian will Present Cutting Edge Strategies that Utilize Block Chain Technology That Can Give You a Competitive Advantage.

Research Findings

Three Exclusive Research Studies that Look at Sustainability, Luxury’s Future, & the North American Luxury Market.

Our Team


Mr. Gianni Tono

San Pio X

Dr. Agostino Menna

Lead Researcher

Rahi S. Tajzadeh

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh

Consulting Lead

Mr. Lou Vescio


Ms. Aqsa Khan


Ms. Marilyn Tian


Dr. Homeira Ekhtari


Ms. Angela Introini

Event Management

Ms. Eleonora Vagrotelli

Event Management

Mr. Fancis Lavoie

Research / Marketing

Mr. Thomas Simpson


Ms. Boluwatife Ojo

Project Management

Mr. Dumesh Chanaka

Digital Marketing

Mr. Daniel Roy


Mr. Donald Ziraldo

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Joshua Lakdawala

Case / Pitch Competition

Ms. Reddington Liu

Case / Pitch Competition

Mr. Yohan Fernandes

Case / Pitch Competition

Ms. Emily Ding

Case / Pitch Competition

Ms. Gauri Pathak


Dr. Behnaz Gholami


Ms. Kaitlyn Yau

Event Management

Ms. Berfin Avci

CRM & Marketing

Ms. Elisa Ravazzolo

Event Management

Ms. Federica Ravazzolo

Event Management

Mr. Maxwell Karam


Industry & Market Research Reports


Luxury in the Metaverse

§ Future-Proofing in Luxury

§ Leveraging Innovation to Scale

§ Leverage Tech Trends to Gain a Competitive Advantage

§ Luxury’s Future in the Changing Technological Marketplace

luxury in north america

§ Opportunity Spotting

§ How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

§ Post-Covid Trends

§ Leveraging Digital Transformation

§ The Importance of Transparency (Block Chain and Fraud Prevention)

sustainability in luxury

§ What is Sustainability?

§ How does Sustainability Relate to Luxury?

§ Sustainable Solutions in the Luxury Industry

§ The Future of Sustainability

§ The Value Proposition of Added Sustainability

Participating Academic Institutions

Students Participating in the Case / Pitch Competition!

University Canada West

3 Students via their Master’s Program & Two Management Courses

Students Assisting with Marketing & Sales

Western University

4 Students via the Pre-Business Students’ Network

5 x Fourth-Year Students Assisting with Marketing & Sales

Bishop’s University

Under the auspices of Dr. Menna, Ph.D. and the William’s Business School

Organizations & Businesses that Support a More Competitive, Sustainable, & Future-Proof Italian Luxury Sector

Sponsors are contributing the added knowledge, insight, and competitive power of our attendees. They are making it possible to better understand the market, the role of sustainability, and the future of luxury. They are helping businesses large and small to prepare for the changes that lie ahead and compete using validated sustainable strategies. They are making way for more circular-economy solutions to be taken seriously, adopted, and perfected.

Sponsors do more than just make this conference possible, they make the impossible possible.

Business Link Media Group

Pre-Business Student Network

San Pio X
Ziraldo Wines