Join us this May in Italia where we will share research from Universities and Researchers from around the world, hold an award ceremony for the winners of our first ever Sustainability, Innovation, and Technology in Luxury Awards, and enjoy an informative and engaging series of chats and discussion panels that will open our eyes and entice our senses!

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The 2023 Italian Luxury Conference is a luxury-focused, market-driven annual event that brings together global brand leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, retailers, policy makers, and innovators in Luxury and Fashion.

The themes for this year’s conference are Sustainability, Innovation, and Technology

Sustainability – The importance and adoption of sustainable strategies have both been increasing at an accelerating rate over the last few decades, and are more meaningful to the overall strategy of Luxury Brands globally than ever before.

Innovation is a driver of change and creator of value, often empowering a business or organization to adopt more value-added and/or sustainable strategies.

Technology is an ever-more-present enabler of teams, organizations, and individuals to foster value creation, differentiation, and the establishment of a competitive advantage. All three themes represent an opportunity to move forward in the industry for organizations in the Luxury industry.

The conference will leverage research, experience, collaboration, and cooperation to empower attendees, promote innovative approaches, open a dialogue, and foster Sustainability and Technology to create meaningful value and new opportunities.

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The Italian Luxury Conference is proudly hosted by The Big Leaf

An exclusive opportunity to gain new knowledge, share new ideas, explore new solutions, and celebrate achievements in sustainability, innovation, and technology in Luxury.

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Keynote & Guest Speakers

We are now seeking engaging, informative, and insightful speakers to highlight the successes and hard work of organizations, individuals, and Universities/Colleges in Sustainability & Innovation in Luxury.

Our team of expert consultants, educators, researchers, and innovators will share their findings, industry/market research (carried out with University Students), and insights into the Luxury industry.

International Case Competition

University and College Students from around the world will participate in a virtual International Case Competition, tackling real-world challenges faced by the Luxury Industry and its Brands as they seek to adopt or improve their ESG strategies and solutions.

The highlights from the competition, including key findings from their efforts, and the winners will be highlighted during the live event in May!

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Market & Industry Insights

We carry out custom research and analysis into the Luxury industry and market with contributions by Undergraduate and Masters students from multiple Universities.

We summarize our findings and insights and share them with attendees, sponsors, and participating institutions.

We will also present key findings from the incredible students that take part in the annual International Case Competition!

The Big Leaf Awards Ceremony

Celebrating the successes of businesses, entrepreneurs, government bodies, and not-for-profits in their efforts to engage in Sustainability strategies, implement Innovative solutions, and Technologies that create new value.

Categories & Nomination Process details coming soon!


Our Supporters are The Backbone of this Conference. Thanks to their shared belief that a more enlightened and engaging conference can yield a more sustainable and value-added Luxury Industry, we can make this event possible.

Media Partners & Collaborators

The best conferences in the world would have few attendees and sponsors without the right awareness, and thanks to our Media Partners and Collaborators, we can get the message out. This conference is the first of its kind in Italy, and the format is the first of its kind around the world. Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators, the conference will be an annual event that celebrates success, enlightens audiences, and engages in shared knowledge and wisdom in the Luxury Industry.

Academic Partners

Our Academic Partners have contributed to this conference in one or more ways: from performing research and analysis into the Luxury Industry, Sustainability, Innovation, and/or Technology adoption and strategies, to offering other, in-kind support to make the event a success. We thank each and every participant, partner, and supporter that have given their time and efforts for this conference.


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