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Registration will open in Q4 of 2022


A market-focused, research-driven annual conference that brings together global brand leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, retailers, policy makers, and innovators in Luxury and Fashion.

The conference will seek to leverage research, experience, collaboration, and cooperation to empower attendees, promote innovative approaches, open a dialogue, and foster Sustainability and Technology to create meaningful value and new opportunities.


Informative | Engaging | Insightful


Keynote & Guest Speakers

We are now seeking engaging, informative, and insightful speakers to highlight the successes and hard work of organizations, individuals, and Universities/Colleges in Sustainability & Innovation in Luxury.

Panel Discussion with Experts

Our team of expert consultants, educators, researchers, and innovators will share their findings, industry/market research (carried out with University Students), and insights into the Luxury industry.

Market & Industry Insights

We carry out custom research and analysis into the Luxury industry and market with contributions by Undergraduate and Masters students from multiple Universities. We summarize our findings and insights and share them with attendees, sponsors, and participating institutions.

Breakout Rooms & Round Tables

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The Luxury Conference Team

Celebrating our First Luxury Conference

Ermanno Camerinelli of Berbrand

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, of The Big Leaf

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, CMC, of The Big Leaf