Be better prepared for your opportunity to grow

Tailored Investor Readiness packages that match your needs

If you are a start-up looking to raise funds from Angels or Venture Capital, or an established firm seeking additional funds to facilitate growth, or pursue new opportunities, our team of experts can help better prepare you.

How we Help

Preparing your business for fundraising

Preparing required business documents

Preparing your team for a pitch

Preparing or improving your pitch deck

Preparing a short business plan

Offer fundraising insights from experienced investors

Offer constructive feedback on your value proposition

Offer insights into your growth or traction plans

Offer to improve your business plan, proposals, etc.

Offer a Realistic Valuation Analysis


We can match you with one of our expert advisors and coaches:

Investment and Financial Advisors

Entrepreneurship and Business Planners

Business Developers and Marketers

Communication and Presentation Experts

Data Analysis and Project Management Experts

Certified Coaches and Trainers


Investment Preparation

Executive Summary

Model Analysis

3 to 5 Year Full Financial Forecast

2-3 Financial Scenarios

Pitch Decks

Professional Presentation Preparation

Investment Term Sheets

Cap Table Review

Realistic Valuation Analyses


What Investors Want

We are here to help bridge the gaps between your current situation, and where you need to be to acquire the right funding from the right investor


Your ability to gather the right team instills confidence in investors.

They want your team to be part of your business foundation.


You should be a subject matter expert in your industry and a natural leader.

Investors invest in you as much as they invest in your business!


Your opportunity needs to be valid, cogent and based on sound information.

We can improve your opportunity through innovation!

Investor Readiness

The ‘Investor Readiness’ Sweet Spot

Most start-ups do not survive beyond their fifth year. Very few ever break even. Even fewer can overcome the challenges necessary to grow. If your start-up or small business wants to attract investors, you must first have a clear understanding of the investor readiness sweet spot, and how to take advantage of it.

Get out of the valley of death

We help you to research, analyze, plan for, and execute real world strategies to break out of the Valley of Death.

Prepare for venture capital

The better prepared you are to meet with, present to, and work with venture capitalists and angel investors, the better your odds of succeeding in raising the right amount, for the right price, with the right partner.

Investor-Readiness is just an email away