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What is your Service Area?

Our home is in Southern Ontario, but we can serve companies in more than 40 countries around the world thanks to our members with a CMC designation.

Our team members speak English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Italian and Mandarin.

What are your Rates?

Our rates depend on the complexity of the project, the number of Team Members required, the value we add to the project, and the expertise required to ensure the success of the project.

We offer several means of working with us including a Retainer for Access, Retainer for Work, Results as a Service (RaaS), and Hourly contract work.

Do you have a Code of Conduct or Ethics?

Yes we have one of the most stringent codes of professional conduct and ethics that each member must abide by.

To find out more about our Code of Conduct, Click Here.

Can I hire just one team member?

Yes absolutely!

We are here to help you reach your goals, create value, and gain a competitive advantage. If you feel that we can better serve you with a single team member then by all means we will oblige and allocate that member to your project if they are available.

What industries do you serve?

While we hold Education and Education Technology near and dear to our hearts, we are open with respect to industries and markets, so long as they do not conflict with our code of conduct and ethics.

If you have any questions not listed below, reach out to us by email and we will help you get the answers you seek.

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