We are diverse professional consultants AND subject matter experts

Diversity: Our team members come from all around the world including Asia, North America, South America, and Europe 

Agostino Menna

Dr. Agostino Menna

Entrepreneur | Innovation Expert| Investment Support | University Professor


Meet Dr. Agostino Menna, a principal co-founder of the education technology start-up KnowQuest.net, Dr. Menna has decades of experience as a professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship, academic research, and family business. He has held various academic positions at Ryerson University, Brock University, and Niagara University.

Dr. Menna also creates custom Workshops and MasterClass materials at The Big Leaf. He is a highly sought-after consultant for start-ups and small caps seeking additional funding, and support with their funding activities.

Aqsa Khan

Aqsa Khan

Project Manager | International Business Expert | Leader


Aqsa is a budding Project Manager, and quickly taking on more executive duties than anyone else at the firm. Aqsa’s drive, pragmatic approach, critical thinking skills, and her ability to work with people will help to make her an excellent executive officer.

She has already proven her mettle by diving into the most challenging of projects with aplomb.

Aqsa’s enthusiasm is neatly balanced with her open-mindedness, willingness to learn, and ability to retain vast amounts of complex information. Aqsa is one of the cornerstones of our firm.

Aron Pervin

Aron Pervin

Family Business | Management Consultant


Aron is a Certified Management Consultant, Family Business Consultant, and one of our top advisors at The Big Leaf.

Aron ran Pervin Family Business consulting for decades, focusing on large family businesses in the local and international markets.

Whether it is succession planning or growth and sustainability, Aron is the person that is most qualified to help.

Aron’s passion is mindful philanthropy.

Expertise: Our growing team includes professionals at all levels of post secondary education, professional certification, and fellowships

Ayoob Faraji

Ayoob Faraji

Full Stack Web Developer | Entrepreneur


Ayoob is more than just another web developer; he is a combination full-stack web developer, entrepreneur, project manager, and trainer. Ayoob has nearly a decade of web development experience, with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and an associate’s degree in software engineering.

PHP, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Jave SE, WordPress, MVC, SOLID Principles, Ubuntu, CentOS, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, SQL Server, MongoDB, HTML 4/5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue Js, Scrum, Ansible, Git, RESTful…the list of Ayoob’s skills goes on and on!

Jane Luczkiw

Jane Luczkiw

Educator | Trainer | Consultant


Jane is an accomplished business educator and trainer at the secondary, community college and university levels. She is an experienced program developer and facilitator in enterprise education and self-development initiatives for youth and adults.

She is knowledgeable in corporate administration, has developed and delivered creativity and self-development workshops for the Institute for Enterprise Education, Brock University, McMaster University, Lottery College, and the International Alliance for Learning.

Jiri Fiala

Jiri Fiala

Data Privacy | Self-Sovereignty | Blockchain Consultant | Dapp


Jiri is an expert in trust, data privacy, block-chain technologies, PIPEDA and GDPR compliance, and decentralized application development.

Jiri is also a self-starter, entrepreneur, opportunity spotting expert, business developer, and highly creative at strategy development.

Jiri is the consultant you should reach out to, when developing your online privacy, security, and incident management plans.

Experience: We have hundreds of years in combined experience at various levels of research, management, consulting, and entrepreneurship within many industries around the world

Lou Vescio

Lou Vescio

Organizational Health| Community Relations | Coach


As an Education Leader, Executive Coach, and Community Development Leader, Lou applies his extensive knowledge and experiences in education and corporate environments to ensure start-ups and established businesses receive the support and tools necessary to grow and succeed in the evolving global business environment.

Best known for his ‘coach approach’ to leadership and training, Lou specializes in the delivery of training and educational programs focusing on skill acquisition and talent management, as well as effective strategies and solutions for learners, educators, job seekers, employers, businesses, and community organizations.

Marilyn Tian

Marilyn Tian

Business Developer | Entrepreneur | Marketing Expert


Marilyn is a strategic, analytical, and results-driven marketing professional. She has more than six years of experience in developing demand-generating marketing campaigns. She is a seasoned corporate communicator, proposal developer, and entrepreneur.

She is the head of the Business Link Media Group in the Niagara Falls area, and passionate about creating value that can scale.

Professionalism: Every member of The Big Leaf abides by one of the most stringent Codes of Conduct and Ethics in the industry

Rahi S. Tajzadeh

Entrepreneur | Leader | Certified Management Consultant

BComm, MScM, CMC

Below is a growing list of Mr. Tajzadeh’s publications, thesis, and articles:

Mr. Tajzadeh is a Certified Management Consultant, Master of Science in Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in strategy, research, and entrepreneurship.

With a background in entrepreneurship, consulting, and research, he brings a unique perspective and set of tools to better identify opportunities, craft strategy, and execute. Rahi can help to improve the position of the company, while adding real value to the customer.

Rahi has launched several start-ups over the last 16 years, including in solar energy, management consulting, academic feedback, and advanced feedback.

Rahi volunteers his time helping entrepreneurs, young professionals who wish to enter the consulting industry, as well as start-ups seeking knowledge and guidance.

Robert Coffey

Coach | Trainer | Educator | Leader | Professional Advisor


Bob Coffey is a Management Consultant, Advisor and Coach. He is the retired vice chair and head coach of KPMG. He is also a past Vice President of Geneva Merger & Acquisition Services of Canada (Ont.) Inc. He was also a key advisor to an Ontario Health Care provider on budgeting, finance and service delivery

He’s known professionally as “THE COACH”.

Mr. Coffey became a Chartered Accountant in 1959, becoming a senior business advisor and management consultant to industry and government. He has participated in a number of Royal Commissions and has lectured at McGill University and the University of Toronto on costing and budgeting. He has held numerous executive and management positions including Managing Partner for Canada of the Management Consulting Services for Ernst & Whinney, Executive Partner, Thorne, Ernst and Whinney and Vice Chairman of KPMG. Mr. Coffey remains active in the field of mergers and acquisitions, corporate growth and finance, corporate turnarounds, and is a co-author of Purchase and Sale of a Business.

Ron McMeeken

Accountant | Investment Expert | Start-Up Advisor

CPA, CFP (fmr.)

Mr. McMeeken is a former CPA/CFP with more than 60 years of experience in accounting, finance, and small business management.

He has lead start-up and small businesses, and is a regular contributor to the boards of several businesses in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Ethics: As Consultants we hold dear the duty we have to protect the interests of Humanity, Stakeholders, The Profession and Firm, and ourselves, in that order

Sandra Barreto

Accountant | Finance Expert | Entrepreneurship Advisor | Leader


Sandra is a seasoned Consultant and Entrepreneur that is laser-focused-on results. She has more than 20 years of global experience in manufacturing, biotechnology, and service industries.

She has extensive experience with cost and financial accounting, financial statement analysis, budgeting and forecasting, inventory control, and the crafting of internal controls. She is an expert in taxation and continuous improvement, and also experienced in implementing ERP solutions.

Maxwell Karam

Project Management, Small Business Development, Luxury Consulting

Business Law & Entrepreneurship

A Master of Laws Candidate, Maxwell also holds an Undergraduate Degree in Business Law with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Maxwell has years of customer service, business development, and property management experience under his belt, and is available to assist businesses in various industries and markets.

Daria Margarit

Product Design, International Markets, Brand Development, Luxury Consulting

I consider myself a polymath, a lover of education, and a polyglot. I am fluent in English, Romanian, and French.

I am pursuing a double-degree at two of Canada’s best Universities (Mathematics and Business at Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier) on my journey towards becoming a multi-talented, renaissance-woman.

Research: We utilize robust, validated, research-based tools and methodologies, and even create custom tools to better help our clients

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The Big Leaf family is budding, and our combined experiences, skill sets, diverse backgrounds and shared focus on ethical consulting makes us resilient, adaptable, and better able to help your business