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Leveraging the Feedback Platform to help you to get meaningful data

Thanks to the great students at Humber College and Arizona State University, (and and is being rebuilt from the ground up. The new KnowQuest, along with customizable feedback, will be relaunched in 2023 and will leverage more than two years of research we carried out into ‘Online Feedback’, the ‘Value of Feedback Platforms’, and ‘What Reviewers Want (and are not getting) in an Online Feedback Platform?’.

External Stakeholders

From customers to vendors, suppliers to partners, quality feedback from the people that help you and your business succeed is the best way to measure, manage, and repair trusting relationships.

Internal Stakeholders

Your team is what you make of it. The more you listen, the better your listen, and the more meaningful data you can acquire, the better decisions you can make, and create a team that is motivated, appreciated, and resilient.


Communication with shareholders is of critical importance to maintain confidence, identify key concerns, and share milestones. Communicating a new plan, a new vision, and new opportunities, and get quality feedback from shareholders with our tools!

Better Connect

Reaching out to your customers, team members, vendors and partners is a vital component to quality control, long term success, and relationship building.

Show them you care via a customized, meaningful, powerful feedback mechanism.

Improve Performance

To improve performance you must first know what needs improvement and how it is measured. You then need to get sincere insights from your stakeholders.

By gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback, you can make informed decisions that will solve problems, reduce bottlenecks, improve output, increase satisfaction, and create an environment in which stakeholders want you to succeed.

Create Opportunities

Opportunity spotting can be tedious, costly, fraught with problems, and often lead you down a less than ideal path.

To reduce the risks, uncertainty, and potential pitfalls of opportunity spotting, we recommend reaching out to stakeholders.

There is no better way to determine what your stakeholders want, then to ask them directly.

What makes our Feedback Mechanism Different?

Our surveys can be completed quickly, anonymously, and with more meaningful information than traditional surveys.

Our surveys will help you discover what you need to change, what you need to keep the same, and what you want to emphasize.

Our surveys will help you determine the direction you want to go in.

Advanced Data Gathering


Only authorized respondents can fill out your survey.We create flexible solutions to ensure that only people who should respond actually do!

Our credibility check is customized to your unique needs.


Responses can be made fully anonymous, encouraging more honest feedback.

Online reviewers want to remain anonymous, and are more willing to complete surveys if you can ensure that they are not identifiable.


For those who need to ensure PIPEDA and GDPR compliance, we offer surveys that do not collect personal information unless it is required to establish credibility. Ideally that means no names, no addresses, no phone numbers, and as few pieces of identifying information as possible.

For example, your customers can ‘unlock’ a satisfaction survey by scanning their receipts – establishing credibility while requiring no personal information!


We create surveys that have comparable, standardized, layered, meaningful questions.

The easiest way to compare feedback with expectations, the competition, and industry leaders is to have survey questions that go beyond ‘5-stars’.

Now you can compare survey feedback more accurately, and give it more meaning and context, without wasting time.