Everyone Belongs


Everyone is Unique


Everyone is Treated Fairly


Everyone Can Engage

What Inclusion Means to Your Business

More team cohesion. Increased productivity. Increased creativity. Better employee retention.

What Diversity Means to Your Business

Increased morale. More engagement. More holistic and broader depth of experience.

What Equity Means to Your Business

Gain more goodwill from employees. Improve trust among and between employees.

What Accessibility Means to Your Business

Create and support the infrastructure to foster engagement from all members.

What’s the Big I.D.E.A.?

The Big Leaf’s ‘Big I.D.E.A.’ is a new set of services designed to help your organization identify the best strategy to implement additional I.D.E.A. initiatives. If you want to facilitate growth, improvement, and increased loyalty, while creating a positive impact on stakeholders, working with The Big Leaf’s Big I.D.E.A. team is your first step.

I. is for Inclusion| D. is for Diversity | E. is for Equity| A. is for Accessibility

We believe that with careful research, information gathering, strategic consideration, thoughtful planning, and efficient execution, any organization can leverage the benefits of I.D.E.A. initiatives and unlock dormant value.

We call it a Return on Impact. A New ROI.

The return on Impact is a measurement of the value derived from new initiatives, including both monetary and non-monetary such as good will, employee retention, employee goodwill, client feedback and satisfaction, etc.

The return on impact can also be focused on social and environmental value, including but not limited to carbon footprint reduction, education, economic empowerment, and efficiency improvements.

The Big I.D.E.A. and You

How does The Big Leaf’s team help your organization under the Big I.D.E.A.’s program?

Listen & Learn

We work with your leaders, managers, and employees to get a clearer picture, better understand the potential value that an I.D.E.A. strategy can unlock, and the feasibility and Return on Impact of any given new strategy.

Develop Strategies

We help you develop strategies that are meaningful, impactful, and likely to be adopted by all members of your organization. We also look at the best practices in your industry to ensure that any new strategy help give you a competitive advantage.

Confirm Value & Feasiblity

Before executing, or helping you execute, we work closely with all levels of employees and leaders in your organization to ensure that new strategies are feasible, have measurable value, and will either help reduce risk, create new value, or both.

Execute & Launch

Our experts in leadership, employee training, behaviour, and change management experts work closely with your organization to champion the selected new strategy or strategies and gain the goodwill of your employees to ensure long-term adherence.

Monitor & Manage

When implementing new strategies and engage in change management, ensuring both adoption and adherence is critical to long-term success. We can make the process easier and more likely to succeed by using validated tools and quality feedback mechanisms.

Improve & Iterate

No one strategy is perfect, and all change management plans can be improved upon. Improving on a plan or strategy demonstrates leadership’s goodwill and genuine desire to see a positive impact on all stakeholders. We can help improve and iterate any strategy or change management plan.