Why Choose Us?

We use advanced diagnostics and analysis tools to better understand your industry, market, and opportunities therein.

We can help you develop and improve your value proposition and competitive advantage through innovation, intrapreneurship, and value creation.

DIVERSE Professionals

We are a diverse team of professional subject matter experts. Every member is a professional in their field, and some are pioneers. Each member follows one of the most stringent codes of conduct and ethics in the consulting world.

In Brief: We are a Cut Above.


We select our team members based on their ability to add real measurable value to our clients, our profession, and our team. Our team members are experts in their field with designations such as CMC and FCMC, CMA, MEd, BSc, BSE, CFP and CPA, CA and FCA, PhD, BA, and MScM.

In Brief: We are the Experts.


With over 450 years of combined experience, in Canada and across the globe, from the ground floor to the executive office, board of directors and academia, our inter-professional team has the knowledge and the wisdom to help you spot opportunities, create SMART plans, execute, and gain a competitive advantage.

In Brief: We Create Value.


If your business is led by one or more Women, Indigenous Peoples, Entrepreneurs, or New Immigrants, we offer a heavy discount on all our services. Start-ups also receive a special rate, making our services more competitive, more accessible, and more valuable.

In Brief: We Are Inclusive and Equitable.

Our Mission

To add meaningful value to our clients, improve their position, and give them a competitive advantage using valid, robust, and timely strategies.

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We Take an Entrepreneurial approach to consulting

Good ideas are not necessarily good opportunities. Good opportunities are not necessarily valid opportunities.

We help you to better understand which is which, and what valid opportunities are worth pursuing.

Do you have a Marketing Plan, Operations Plan and Financial Plan that are based on SMART goals?

A quality business plan is resilient, promotes innovation, fosters employee engagement, and takes advantage of valid opportunities.

Have you developed a Value Proposition that is sound, cogent, and unbiased? Have you Validated your value proposition?

A high quality, actionable, and opportunity-based strategy can be difficult to craft, and even more difficult to match with internal capabilities.

Facilitating value is the job of your employees, machinery, and other daily operations. Maximizing value is why you hire great managers.

Creating value is what entrepreneurs and consultants are brought onboard to do.

Create new value, and gain a competitive advantage.

Are you a Subject Matter Expert in you industry? Are you aware of the trends and factors affecting change in your industry and market?

We offer coaching and training services, that can include Industry Analyses, and Market Analyses. Let us help make you the expert you need to be.

We use robust diagnostics and planning tools, surveys and reputable sources of quality information to determine what is taking place, what needs changing, and how to make it happen.

Our in-house model, the Business Planning Methodology, is the most robust analysis and diagnostic tool that also immediately creates an actionable plan.

A Quick Look at Our Growing Team


Corporate Trainer


Management Consultant


Corporate Trainer

Community Relations

Organizational Health

Marketing Strategy

Business Development


Strategy Development


Investment Support

Education & Training

Strategy Development

Project Management

International Business

Strategy Development

Operations Management

Management Consulting

Family Business Consulting


Executive Coaching

Full Stack Web Development

IT Management

Database Design

Software Engineering


Strategy Development

Business Planning

Entrepreneurship / Coaching



Strategy Development

Management Consultant

Product Design

International Markets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brand Development

Project Management

Luxury Consulting

Small Business Development

Management Consultant

Investment Portfolio Focused Crypto Consulting

What is Crypto Consulting?

Cryptocurrencies come in many forms, each with its own associated risks and potential. They are also an asset class that many are still unfamiliar with, and unsure of how to integrate into their corporate or personal financial plans.

That’s where we come in.


Just a small sample of the many great organizations our team members have contributed to. Our combined experience and expertise spans many industries, customers, and centuries.

Our team members have worked in many of the top firms around the world.

Mr. Robert Coffey, Vice Chair

We have several seasoned professors and teachers that add layers of valuable and practical research and analysis capabilities to our team.

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, Professor

Mr. Lou Vescio, Instructor Supervisor

Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh, Instructor

We have a deep appreciation for education, social value, and value-focused solutions. We’ve been teaching these values in different Universities and Colleges for decades.

Mr. Robert Coffey, Instructor

We provide mentoring, coaching, and advisory services to businesses in all industries and markets. Working with entrepreneurs at incubators is our latest foray into helping the next generation compete and excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Advisor & Coach

Mr. Lou Vescio, Mentor, Advisor, & Coach

Ms. Sandra Barreto, Advisor & Coach

Dr. Agostino Menna, Advisor & Coach

Ms. Marilyn Tian, Advisor & Coach

Ms. Aqsa Khan, Advisor & Coach

Ms. Daria Margarit, SEO Advisor

We actively seek to create meaningful valiu.  Great staff facilitate value through their daily efforts, and great managers maximize that value through their hard work, while executives and consultants like ours Create new value.

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, Advisor

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Advisor

Working with start-ups and small businesses is one of our specialties. Empowering entrepreneurs to take the right steps to make their dreams a reality is what drives us.

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, Advisor

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Start-up Consultant & Copywriter

One of our core strengths is working with start-ups and young organizations. We have both the educational background in entrepreneurship, and the practical experience in multiple industries.

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Management Consultant

Our diverse team’s cumulative skill-set gives us the ability to better understand value, internal and external forces, and a given company’s competitive advantages therein.

RGAeX - Cropped

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, Advisor

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Advisor

We are industry-agnostic, but always focused on creating value and being a positive influence on our stakeholders.

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Start-Up Consultant

We differentiate ourselves through our conduct, entrepreneurial approach, and our unique, diverse team of inter-professional consultants.

Dr. Agostino Menna, PhD, Visiting Professor

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, Researcher, Editor, GA

We can research, analyze, plan, and execute.

We can spot opportunities, screen them for a variety of factors such as probability of success and risk to reward, and help you understand what you can do to create more value.

Mr. Ayoob Faraji, Full Stack Web Developer

Our team members are diverse, their experiences are broad, and their expertise perfectly compliment each other; together we are a powerhouse.

SDM - Cropped

Mr. Rahi S. Tajzadeh, I.T. Advisor

Fostering the Growth of Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Big Leaf’s Team is Working with Incubators To Help Start-Ups Grow!

We have created a program dedicated to, and designed for the unique needs of business incubators and their eclectic roster of members. The program is called C.A.M. and consists of three basic sets of services: Coaching, Advising, and Mentorship.

In addition to C.A.M., we are arranging for regular Discussion Panels with today’s leaders, influencers, and mentors, in which we discuss the topics and matters that are important to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and economic development. We will actively attract Coached, Advisors, and Mentors from professional organizations such as CMC, CPA, CMA, PMI, ACG, etc., such that Incubators and their Members have access to the best of the best as needed. We will also be launching Classes, Workshops, and Group Coaching to round out the program.

If you are an Incubator in North America, or a member of an Incubator in North America, we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of our unique program, and help both Incubators and their Members to gain a competitive advantage, create new value, and reach new levels of success.

Awards & Recognition

Standing out from the competition, we have been recognized by our wonderful clientele for our hard work, quality services, and dedication to creating value

A+ Rating

We are listed on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating.

“Businesses who choose to run great, trustworthy operations, meet the requirements of BBB Accreditation.”

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Credible Feedback

The Big Leaf has a 94% Rating on the Business to Business Rating Platform Clutch.co, and has been recognized as one of the Top Consulting Businesses in 2021!

The project has been moving along quickly and the survey has been an effective tool for addressing the target market. The Big Leaf’s marketing knowledge and expertise have helped the partner understand their business. They’re responsive, flexible, and answer questions in a quick turnaround.

OTE - Cropped
Sara Torki


The Big Leaf provided valuable research and insights into the North American marketplace, identifying markets like universities and helping with how to refocus overlaps between Canadian and EU laws. They’re incredibly affordable and transparent, providing clear and accessible work.

Privid - Cropped
Jiri Fiala


Rahi helped set everything up. He assisted with validating my opportunity, creating a value proposition of analysis that went into the business plan, and researching a crowdfunding campaign that would work for my business. He also provided support and coaching while the campaign launched.

Chris Stigas


Our Partners – Our Family

It is a pleasure to work with organizations that share in our belief that adding real meaningful value to clients can and should be carried out ethically, professionally, and with the best interest of all stakeholder in mind.

Experiential Learning

The Big Leaf and its partner KnowQuest Inc. work hand in hand with Universities and Colleges from Across North America and Europe to provide students with real-world experiential learning opportunities. To date, we have worked on more than 50 projects with 500+ students.

If you would like to have your students work with our team on projects that offer experiential learning opportunities, just reach out to us at Success@thebigleaf.com today!

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Give Your Students a Competitive Advantage!

Reach out to us at Success@thebigleaf.com

York University

Western University

University of Toronto

University of Southern California

University of Southampton

University of North Dakota

University of Louisiana Lafayette

University of Lethbridge

University of Hertfordshire

University of Guelph

University of East London

University of British Columbia

University Canada West

The College of New Jersey

Seneca College

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Ryerson University

RMIT University

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Northeastern University

Mohawk College

McMaster University

McGill University

Maskwacis Cultural College

MacEwan University

London Metropolitan University

Humber College

Georgian College

George Brown College

Fanshawe College

ECPI University

Conestoga College

Concordia University

College of New Caledonia

Capella University

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